Theory of the Jumbotron

Are our thoughts not unlike the jumbotron at a baseball game? Are our thoughts real or are they merely a collection of images put together in an attempt to grab our attention forcing us to believe they are real? Is there not a greater reality? Of course there is. There is the actuality of the jumbotron’s existence, the baseball game itself, the spectators around you and the world outside. How quickly our eyes turn to the jumbotron for excitement when it is not only a fraction of the truth of what is. Is this not an appropriate metaphor for thought? I pose the question, “Just because something exists in our minds, does that make it real?” Surely, mental images can be chased after and transmuted into a reality by the thinker. I think of law, science, and invention. But is there not a dark side to the pursuit of thought? Think of all the thought that goes unchecked, the lust, the greed, the jealousy. These are the emotional byproducts of thought. Is it possible to understand the relationship between these feelings and thought? Think about it.

Thought is something one need not worry about. Thought just happens and it is up to the thinker to passively observe or to judge. This is where integration may begin or where division takes hold. How can we know anything if we are constantly judging our thoughts, choosing which ones are beneficial and which ones are not? How quickly does our psyche divide and conflict arise when we choose between what we believe to be good and what we believe to be bad. These are merely labels, judgements, all created by mind. It is this operation that is destructive, thought working against thought. How limiting a concept is this? Is reality not more apparent now than it ever was? We have facts, come about by arduous years, generations of research. We know how small we are compared to the world, compared to the universe, compared to time. Can we see how infinitely small our thought is compared to this reality? Is it possible to see thought objectively, without thinking? Real understanding.


Meditation begins.


Thought is a product of our evolution. It is necessary for our survival and technological progress, but nothing more. If we allow thought to work by itself, unobserved by the higher mind, it can only bring about conflict, internally and externally.




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