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That Was Crazy…

Back on the blog, woohoo!

I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.

The reason I’ve been on a blogging hiatus is due to this —> CLICK HERE FOR CRAZY AWESOME WEBSITE!

Have a look.  I’m quite proud of myself.  I have made a 37 video tutorial series for the digital sampling music software, Kontakt.

This project took close to 3 months to get up and running from start to finish, not considering the amount of time I spent mastering the software itself.

Now that the project is fully realized, I feel like a normal human again, well at least the type of human that doesn’t spend all day in his pajamas talking into a microphone, and reading blogs on bootstrap entrepreneurship.

From beginning to end, the product and website creation was a roller coaster.  It had its ups and downs and steady, smooth, feel the wind in your hair, parts as well.  The easiest part was actually animating the tutorials.  The hardest part was dealing with my hosting provider’s tech support.  I’m sure all bootstrap entrepreneurs have their nightmare stories.  I could go into mine, but why bother? The site is up and fully functional.

Here’s the promo video for Kontakt Mastery

The hope for this website is that it helps people, and to teach me how to run and fully automate a business.  I’ll keep you posted.

But for now, I’ve got a couple more goals to pursue.  Or chill.  It’s finally nice to have that option.

Also, check out this poster created by Brett Gilbert. He has done lots of design work for me, and I’m always impressed.




Today was something.  Without going into too much detail, it seems life takes over when you do what you love.  Today was a new realization of that.

I’d like to get back to why I started this blog, clear some things up, and teach a quick lesson.

So first, the lesson:


If you play tres, or are interested in Latin music, this instrument is so cool.

Check out the records this group put out, you won’t be able to stop listening to them:

So, I started this blog in an effort to help.  Moving forward in this millenium, we as musicians must look to helping each other, instead of carving out little safety nets for ourselves.  Being a musician by trade is a beautiful thing, and more of us should be musicians, yet the routes to success in music are always changing.  Can we all connect through the internet, social media, and technology to communicate with each other in a globalized integrated way?  I have my opinions about this.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Enjoy the week,


Logic 9: Kontakt 5 Multi-Timbral Automation Tutorial

I recently purchased Native Instruments Komplete 8 in order to beef up my musical output with quality sounds.  I run Logic Pro 9 as my DAW and recently I have been having trouble automating the parameters coming from Kontakt 5.   After hours of research, trial and error, I seem to have come up with a solution that works and have recorded my method into a tutorial video.  If you need help automating Kontakt 5 in a Multi-timbral instance within Logic 9, this video should help you out: