Beck Burger – Live @ Rockwood Music Hall

IF you want to hear a killer live performance for free by a musician you may or may not have heard of that can play keyboard like no joke, you gotta check out my man Beck Burger. I just went to his show this past Friday at Rockwood Music Hall.  Beck asked me to video tape the show, so I did using my iPhone, sitting by the Zoom H4 he set up.  Needless to say the band kicked ass and I saw tons of people rocking out to a night of vibe and groove.


Please listen to this live act and make sure you follow up with the guy and let him know how much you enjoyed listening to music for free. (You may comment on this post if you like, I’ll make sure he gets the good news)

I recommend checking out this track if you’re just kicking back and letting loose after a long weekend of work and/or enjoyment.

I know a video of some songs will be made available for viewing very soon, so stay tuned.

Peace and joy,



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