Is There Any Greater Feeling…

Is there any greater feeling than when you step away from your life and look around

Your room is dirty and your first reaction is to clean it

But then you notice the bed

It is now two feet from the wall

The sheets now tangled

The pillows on the floor

The smell of sex

The towel hanging from your half open closet.

The books stacked on your keyboard

And the feeling of total love

For yourself and for everything

The knowledge and awareness you experience

You decide not to clean

But to leave the moment in existence

You turn to walk outside

And you catch yourself in the mirror

You look strange

A smile of a lunatic across your face, yet this is absolute sanity

And you step outside to where the birds are chirping and the wind blows through the dead leaves that still cling to the trees

The sun shines and makes the grass twist in its light, reminiscent of your previous journey inwards

Traffic and the birds singing

Is this happiness?

Maybe it was before you asked that question

It’s okay though

You know it was.


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