Theory of the Jumbotron

Are our thoughts not unlike the jumbotron at a baseball game? Are our thoughts real or are they merely a collection of images put together in an attempt to grab our attention forcing us to believe they are real? Is there not a greater reality? Of course there is. There is the actuality of the jumbotron’s existence, the baseball game itself, the spectators around you and the world outside. How quickly our eyes turn to the jumbotron for excitement when it is not only a fraction of the truth of what is. Is this not an appropriate metaphor for thought? I pose the question, “Just because something exists in our minds, does that make it real?” Surely, mental images can be chased after and transmuted into a reality by the thinker. I think of law, science, and invention. But is there not a dark side to the pursuit of thought? Think of all the thought that goes unchecked, the lust, the greed, the jealousy. These are the emotional byproducts of thought. Is it possible to understand the relationship between these feelings and thought? Think about it.

Thought is something one need not worry about. Thought just happens and it is up to the thinker to passively observe or to judge. This is where integration may begin or where division takes hold. How can we know anything if we are constantly judging our thoughts, choosing which ones are beneficial and which ones are not? How quickly does our psyche divide and conflict arise when we choose between what we believe to be good and what we believe to be bad. These are merely labels, judgements, all created by mind. It is this operation that is destructive, thought working against thought. How limiting a concept is this? Is reality not more apparent now than it ever was? We have facts, come about by arduous years, generations of research. We know how small we are compared to the world, compared to the universe, compared to time. Can we see how infinitely small our thought is compared to this reality? Is it possible to see thought objectively, without thinking? Real understanding.


Meditation begins.


Thought is a product of our evolution. It is necessary for our survival and technological progress, but nothing more. If we allow thought to work by itself, unobserved by the higher mind, it can only bring about conflict, internally and externally.




i felt like doing this tonight (tribute to Levon Helm)

A Song in Your Heart.

On the night of Levon’s death, we mourn the loss of a man and we send our prayers to his family as we say goodbye to a life of someone whose voice rang in our own voices. A voice that will stick around for a while, uniting us in the spirit of music, joy and love. I play “The Weight” tonight, because that is a song I sing with my friends, a song I sing because I know all the words, the chords, and the possibility of feelings it conjures in me, knowing that there are others out there who also know the words, and we’ll sing it again and again.

It is important to have a song in your heart, nothing more than that. A song in your heart will keep singing and if you let it, you’ll come to know the words, the chords and the melody too. And if you listen tonight, Levon is leaving us his backbeat. The snare on 2 and 4.

I had the amazing experience of playing at Levon’s Midnight Ramble when I was 20 years old, the only time I met him, and you could tell he was a kind, loving friend to many, and it was great to have that perception about a rock and roll legend. What I love about rock and roll is the potential for freedom it represents. We play music for many reasons, but I play music today because I know that music is teaching, music is beauty, music is the potential for disaster, the heightening of my senses that makes me see colors, makes me a better lover, makes me believe, makes me want, makes me laugh, brings me close to others, blows my mind, makes me jealous, takes over my mind. But the songs never stop, And you realize life is a song and you don’t ask why. Why is life a song? Why is life at all? Why do people cry? Why do we even ask why? Why do I see beauty in the stars at night, and why does a smile brighten my life? It is all so complex, but that is the 10,000 things. It must be. But why does the song mean love, and why do I love when I approach life with utter simplicity, music? I get so upset sometimes, when I truly understand how good life can be mirrored by how bad life can be! And is that understanding at all? I move on, I retreat to music. Music doesn’t ask why? Silence.


Silence, no music. Seeing what is, hearing, no backbeat, just silence.


And then you get that call to play that gig or that party.


The Band is the life of the party. Life is a party. Life is groovy. And death, death is a part of life. And these 10,000 things get very complex, but simplicity, the back beat, the groove, the heightening of the senses helps you feel, to see, to think you know, and then to stop, and listen completely.


We are all musicians. Music fits into a natural scale. The nature of that scale precedes life thus music precedes life. We are born from music. And the music exists as we grow. We die before music dies. So let’s give and take, live and die, and perhaps we will be happy and in love for the majority of our time spent here.


RIP Levon



Words vs. Music

Isn’t it amazing the power and importance we unknowingly give to words?  Words seem to trigger psycho-emotional responses that give us comfort or frighten us.  Words can bring people together or start wars, make someone feel important or they can make you lose a friend.

The saddest thing about words is…most of the time…it’s bullshit.

We are so quick to jump into the national political debate, or take sides in an argument two friends might be having without considering the effect that words have on us.  Words can brainwash someone into becoming a rich man, or brainwash another to follow a certain religious organization.

Why do words have so much power?

The answer is not a simple one, but perhaps the answer lies within the question itself.


Music makes us feel, simple as that.

Music is beyond words.

It is only when we think about music, remember music, do we put that feeling into words.

It seems to me that music criticism today has become far more important than music.

Why is this?


What happened to experience?

To sit and listen without thinking about who the composer or artist was, to lose the time and just listen.

Music is everywhere and it is most certainly not defined by magazines or television.

Music is life, not something to be criticized and graded on.

Music is sound.  Music is silence.

We all love music because we are alive.

It is only the ambitious, the cunning and the enslaved who divide music into categories.

Life is experiencing, but when we criticize life, we shun the one thing that is important.

How ironic is this existence?


Outside birds are chirping and the sky is now blue.

I hear a lawnmower and the sound of the refrigerator, the typing on my keyboard.

Let the music play on.


I’m taking care or my sister’s dog.  His name is Bambino.  Cute, right?

Consider…The Usual Propaganda

The following image is worth considering

What does “Dig Yourself” mean?

Critics like to say it is a play on the phrase, “Know Thyself?”

Well, how can one know himself if it is another person telling him to do so?

That is the opposite action, is it not?

It is assuming that the answer comes from a source outside the self

Knowing oneself is a continuous prcoess, and not knowing oneself is to allow oneself to continue on in a habitual manner

To know oneself is to keenly observe one’s feelings and his or her surroundings, without judgement

It is to hear the traffic of the city, the smell of the your apartment, your hands as they type unending permutations of keys on the laptop

It is the awareness of the thoughts moving through your brain while you watch a pair of legs cross the street

And it is asking the question, WHY?

Why do I feel hurt, why do I feel pride, why do I feel enlightened, why do I feel like I need to fit into the mold?

Is this not “Digging Yourself?”

I think this is

Otherwise, life becomes dull

By searching for an answer that comes from the outside is unimportant

Because that answer is not real

But the question, WHY? is very real

WHY? is innocent curiosity

WHY? is taken for granted

As all things are taken for granted

WHY? do I feel like this when this thing occurs




On Why “The Shawshank Redemption” Is The Best Movie Ever

The Shawshank Redemption is the best movie ever.

And here’s why…

We all live in a prison.

Andy Dufresne broke free from the prison because he was innocent before he stepped through the prison walls

We are all beaten down by the guards of the prison.

The prison is manifest within ourselves and within society

The innocent must break free

That is what is right

Sadly, many innocent are born in the prison

And do not even consider their own innocence

Thus they forget their own innocence

Andy Dufresne was an innocent man

The prison is meant for the guilty

Is There Any Greater Feeling…

Is there any greater feeling than when you step away from your life and look around

Your room is dirty and your first reaction is to clean it

But then you notice the bed

It is now two feet from the wall

The sheets now tangled

The pillows on the floor

The smell of sex

The towel hanging from your half open closet.

The books stacked on your keyboard

And the feeling of total love

For yourself and for everything

The knowledge and awareness you experience

You decide not to clean

But to leave the moment in existence

You turn to walk outside

And you catch yourself in the mirror

You look strange

A smile of a lunatic across your face, yet this is absolute sanity

And you step outside to where the birds are chirping and the wind blows through the dead leaves that still cling to the trees

The sun shines and makes the grass twist in its light, reminiscent of your previous journey inwards

Traffic and the birds singing

Is this happiness?

Maybe it was before you asked that question

It’s okay though

You know it was.