Words vs. Music

Isn’t it amazing the power and importance we unknowingly give to words?  Words seem to trigger psycho-emotional responses that give us comfort or frighten us.  Words can bring people together or start wars, make someone feel important or they can make you lose a friend.

The saddest thing about words is…most of the time…it’s bullshit.

We are so quick to jump into the national political debate, or take sides in an argument two friends might be having without considering the effect that words have on us.  Words can brainwash someone into becoming a rich man, or brainwash another to follow a certain religious organization.

Why do words have so much power?

The answer is not a simple one, but perhaps the answer lies within the question itself.


Music makes us feel, simple as that.

Music is beyond words.

It is only when we think about music, remember music, do we put that feeling into words.

It seems to me that music criticism today has become far more important than music.

Why is this?


What happened to experience?

To sit and listen without thinking about who the composer or artist was, to lose the time and just listen.

Music is everywhere and it is most certainly not defined by magazines or television.

Music is life, not something to be criticized and graded on.

Music is sound.  Music is silence.

We all love music because we are alive.

It is only the ambitious, the cunning and the enslaved who divide music into categories.

Life is experiencing, but when we criticize life, we shun the one thing that is important.

How ironic is this existence?


Outside birds are chirping and the sky is now blue.

I hear a lawnmower and the sound of the refrigerator, the typing on my keyboard.

Let the music play on.


I’m taking care or my sister’s dog.  His name is Bambino.  Cute, right?


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