Consider…The Usual Propaganda

The following image is worth considering

What does “Dig Yourself” mean?

Critics like to say it is a play on the phrase, “Know Thyself?”

Well, how can one know himself if it is another person telling him to do so?

That is the opposite action, is it not?

It is assuming that the answer comes from a source outside the self

Knowing oneself is a continuous prcoess, and not knowing oneself is to allow oneself to continue on in a habitual manner

To know oneself is to keenly observe one’s feelings and his or her surroundings, without judgement

It is to hear the traffic of the city, the smell of the your apartment, your hands as they type unending permutations of keys on the laptop

It is the awareness of the thoughts moving through your brain while you watch a pair of legs cross the street

And it is asking the question, WHY?

Why do I feel hurt, why do I feel pride, why do I feel enlightened, why do I feel like I need to fit into the mold?

Is this not “Digging Yourself?”

I think this is

Otherwise, life becomes dull

By searching for an answer that comes from the outside is unimportant

Because that answer is not real

But the question, WHY? is very real

WHY? is innocent curiosity

WHY? is taken for granted

As all things are taken for granted

WHY? do I feel like this when this thing occurs





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