Logic 9: Kontakt 5 Multi-Timbral Automation Tutorial

I recently purchased Native Instruments Komplete 8 in order to beef up my musical output with quality sounds.  I run Logic Pro 9 as my DAW and recently I have been having trouble automating the parameters coming from Kontakt 5.   After hours of research, trial and error, I seem to have come up with a solution that works and have recorded my method into a tutorial video.  If you need help automating Kontakt 5 in a Multi-timbral instance within Logic 9, this video should help you out:



  1. Vincent Mazzara

    Hi Andrew, thanks a lot for your post, it cleared a lot of things up. But I am having a very strange problem with Kontakt (or Logic) informing me that my memory is very low and I need to purge some items. This is strange because I have only five instruments loaded using your instructions, plus my computer has 16 GIG of ram! I’m very confused. Any ideas?



  2. efficientmusician

    Hi Vince,
    This could be due to a plethora of issues, and possibly something to do with the system running outside of Logic or Kontakt. First thing I would do is completely restart my computer. Once restarted, I would open a new logic file. Make sure when you add your software instrument that the “Open Library” box is unchecked and that you have clicked Multi-Timbral with the amount of tracks you would like. If the warning still appears, check your Engine preferences in the Kontakt Options>Engine menu. Should look similar to this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/80242914@N02/7356528872/in/photostream

    Start with that and please let me know if you have made any progress, I’m happy to help. Thanks for watching.


  3. Ignacio Olivares

    Hi Andrew, thanks for your tutorial, it really worked out for me. I, though, just have an issue with the first instrument/track/channel: it still controls the rest of the instruments when I tweak the volume or pan. I tried to insert an aux track (or an arrange track, for that matter) but Logic doesn’t allow it.

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