Elliott Smith and His Beatles Kick

I am a huge Elliott Smith fan.  I can’t say when I started getting into him, because I used to dislike his music when my friend would play it in the car for me.  I guess it wasn’t until I started recording my own music that I realized his had a real influence on me.  What’s more interesting is the profound influence of the Beatles in Elliott’s music.  As I continue to listen to both his songs and the songs of Lennon/McCartney and Harrison, do I begin to really take notes of how individual Beatles’ songs shape Elliott’s own songwriting.

Here are a few examples of obvious influences.  Listen to either the Beatles or Elliott first and see if you can spot how the two songs are similar:

First let’s check out a White Album influence.

Here is Sexy Sadie by the Beatles and Alameda by Elliott Smith:


Did you catch the influence?  Okay, let’s do another one:



Now for one early Beatles influence, listen to the guitar solo similarities:

It’s fun for me to try to track these types of things.  Please let me know if you can pair up any two songs I have missed. Comments?


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